Trueheart Hotel


The Texas Hill Country and Fredericksburg have always held a special place in the hearts of The Trueheart Hotel owners Nick and Alice Adair. When the property, formally The Sugarberry Inn, went on the market in 2020, they knew this was their chance to share that love with as many people as they could. From the jump, the goal has been to create an experience that’s bigger than the hotel itself. When you stay at The Trueheart Hotel, we want your experience to encompass the whole town of Fredericksburg and really get a feel for this particular area of Texas.

Nick Adair is from Houston where he grew up in the restaurant business. He still plays a large role in the daytoday operations of Adair Concepts which currently consists of 12 restaurants, all in the Houston area. Hospitality is a huge part of what makes Nick tick and making the jump from restaurants to hotels has allowed him to continue to develop that part of his makeup.  

Alice hails from South Texas though now most of her family have their roots planted firmly in the rocky soil of Fredericksburg. Alice’s background in marketing took her to jobs in New York before coming back to Texas and settling in Houston. The couple met when Alice began working Adair Concepts in 2015, and their passion for hospitality and creating memorable experiences for the restaurants, led them to their newest venture, The Trueheart Hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay in this little slice of Fredericksburg!